Saturday, February 5, 2011

With this one I've envisaged my daughter looking out the window at her future. She got married on the balcony of a very old heritage building which has beautiful large leadlight windows. So to create this idea I used the 'Ornamental Iron' cartridge to create that window she is looking through at the picture of her with her husband to be.

I cut the heart shape clear so it would circle her face and appear that she was indeed looking out the window. The window was cute using the 'Gate 10a with the window feature'. The dark green wrought iron cutting beside the photo of Katie and her husband was cut using the 'Gate 6c and the 1/2 frame feature'.

Used 'Ashlyn's Alphabet' cartridge for the Title background, Title and the butterfly below it. I cut this with the cream and also in green using the 'shadow' function for the background.

The vine was cut with a Martha Stewart punch while the small flowers on it were cut using a very old and small, Carl punch. The Floral Border along the top was also cut using a Martha Stewart punch.

Paper used was one of my fav's Basic Grey Capella (chorus sheet). The ribbon along the bottom had wire along the outside edges and I gathered this up.

Thanks for looking.


Diana Joy said...

Wow...what a beautiful layout you created. Your idea as you explained it is great and you executed it so well. It all looks so romantic and dreamy. Great job.

slywalker said...

Tks so much for your comment Diana. Katie doesn't want fancy pages for her wedding album so I told her this will be a one off...but you know how I love 'pretty page' and with another grandson on the way I don't think I'll get another opportunity to do 'pretty' for a while, so maybe it will be a little fancier that I initially planned. Its fun playing around with fantasy ideas and even better if they come off, which they don't always...keep well cheers.