Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family - 3 Generations

Love this picture of little Sofia only a month old, my daughter Erin and myself, to enable the '3 generation' picture.  I remember when I had  Erin's photo taken when she was a little girl, with myself, my mum and my grandmother, she was lucky to have a '4' generation photo, but hope when Sofia grows up she will cherish this photo.

Used the gorgeous Kaisercraft paper range and kept it simple because the photo was so important to me, as much as I love to explore new techniques and the layering and 'pretty' look, I went basic with this.  I think this is ok to do, to me its like doing 'boy' way will I put flowers on a boy layout, I just have set ideas about things like this which is why I can't say I have 'a style' of any particular kind..hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My First Trip

My daughter Erin and her family flew down to Arizona to have Christmas with her husband's family and while there did a road trip.  Part of that was getting a train into see the Grand Canyon, the train had the usual 'hold up' by cowboys etc and they family loved it.

This was Sofia's first trip and Erin said she travelled really well, this picture was taken on that train trip.

It was the first time I've attempted to use G45 paper, it's always seemed to be in the 'too hard basket' for me, just didn't know what I would do with it.  Well when I saw these gorgeous Pixie line papers I couldn't resist them.

I realised the 'way' was in fussy cutting, something which I enjoy a lot, so this page is full of it, pieces from about 4 different papers on this LO, and it was one of those occasions when I had to go, whoa...enough, hope you like it.

The journaling is actually on the little blue bunny card on the book, I tried to make it part of the book.  And it simply read, My First Trip, and explains it was on the train going to the Grand Canyon...she won't remember of course, but pretty cool place to see at her age...I thought Magical was a good title for that and also for the gorgeous picture of my daughter with Sofia.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Sweet little Granddaughter Sofia

As I promised I am hoping to keep the layouts coming to my blog.
I couldn't resist this Kaisercraft paper line when I saw it at our LSS, it's so girlie and cute isn't it.

I actually fussy cut the paper circle with the flowers at the top, away from the inner circle and the outside edges. I then used a 2nd piece of paper for the inner circle and a 3rd piece for the squared outer piece. Fussy cutting takes ages and drives you a little crazy at the time but gosh its well worth the effort.

All the embellishments, the little girls, flowers and some of the leaves, are all from the same Kaisercraft paper range. The green chipboard frame is from Dusty their stuff, I painted this with Making Memories 'Celery' paint.


Putting in the Kilometres

Well I'm doing really well in my fitness routine, trying to lose weight and am dieting but eating sensibly, the exercising...well, I know what it means to become addicted to it, am working my butt off literally, did 6 kilometres on the treadmill today but still found time to do a layout. I will be posting that shortly, so hopefully I can keep this blog up to date now. Although, my slideshow I had with all my work on it disappeared when I had trouble with my blog and I doubt I will have time to re do that, hope to get another under way soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm almost back !!

Well after not updating my blog for some time due to family health problems and a 2 month trip to America to see my daughter and her family, also managed to have a get together with 5 of my American online scrapping I hope to re jig it a bit and get it going again, may put some of my LO's which have missed!! so many pictures of grandchildren during that period, some scrapped and heaps not.

My husband has just had an operation in Melbourne for his back so hopefully things will start to look up now.

In November my friend and I went to Melbourne to do Prima classes with the amazing Ingvilde Bolme and Sharon Laakanon. What amazing ideas they have and although doing a class with Ingvilde was the highlight as I've been a long time fan of hers, I must say that Sharon's class was awesome, as you all know I like 'pretty', well Sharon does 'pretty' so well and we made a beautiful canvas mini album.

We were so happy with the classes in Melbourne we both jumped at the opportunity when another of my long time favourite artists was coming to Perth Gerry Van Gent....yes we are going!!! 2 days of classes with her and the other artist while not my style but absolutely amazing in the field of mixed medic is Finnibair (on, she is so amazing in her own style that I'm sure there will be heaps we'll take away from the classes so am looking forward to her classes as well.

In the meantime I am just hanging out for all the new Prima goodies to come on the market after there release at the recent CHA in America. Along this line, I have been lucky enough to have a great scrapping friend in America who sat up until Midnight to catch the HSN show which showcased 'We R Memory Keepers' Lucky 8 punches, they sold for that show only at half price and immediate release, they won't be in stores until July....sooo lucky and I now can't wait for them to arrive, these punches cut out the lining up problems that can occur with border work.

Well that's a brief summary of my 'missing in action' time. Whilst catching up on my scrapping is of utmost importance to me I will endeavour to get back into my blog.