Sunday, February 19, 2012

My First Trip

My daughter Erin and her family flew down to Arizona to have Christmas with her husband's family and while there did a road trip.  Part of that was getting a train into see the Grand Canyon, the train had the usual 'hold up' by cowboys etc and they family loved it.

This was Sofia's first trip and Erin said she travelled really well, this picture was taken on that train trip.

It was the first time I've attempted to use G45 paper, it's always seemed to be in the 'too hard basket' for me, just didn't know what I would do with it.  Well when I saw these gorgeous Pixie line papers I couldn't resist them.

I realised the 'way' was in fussy cutting, something which I enjoy a lot, so this page is full of it, pieces from about 4 different papers on this LO, and it was one of those occasions when I had to go, whoa...enough, hope you like it.

The journaling is actually on the little blue bunny card on the book, I tried to make it part of the book.  And it simply read, My First Trip, and explains it was on the train going to the Grand Canyon...she won't remember of course, but pretty cool place to see at her age...I thought Magical was a good title for that and also for the gorgeous picture of my daughter with Sofia.

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