Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to the U.S.A

Great news, Bob and I are heading back to the United States to Washington State this time where our daughter and her family have recently moved to, Bob surprised me with the suggestion to go back, he misses them as much as I do, we leave in a few weeks, yea!!

Good Morning Vietnam

Just to change the scenery a bit. This pic was taken at 11a.m. our first morning in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, it was already around 39 deg at that time, so very hot. Picture was taken in a beautiful restaurant we visited for lunch prior to travelling south to Vung Tau where my husband was stationed for some of his time in Vietnam.

Grandchildren are things dreams are made of

A couple of multi pic pages highlighting my dear grandsons cute faces as he grows.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Proud Moments

I was so glad to finally be in America and to be holding our first grandchild, he arrived early and we were still touring Ireland on our way to Virginia for his birth.

The Journaling on the bottom of this layout says; My greatest joy in life was having children. My second greatest was to see them happily married and happy in life. A grandchild is the icing on the cake and the dream.

This layout was done using a sketch by 'Julie Bonner' for the October Sketch Challenge on 'that Scrappy Girl' site.

Henry with his beautiful mum

This picdture taken on Erin's 31st birthday, Henry was just 3 wks old, I love this picture Erin looks so beautiful and full of love for her son.

Our Beautiful Murpy

This picture taken in October 2009 and it was so cold but Murphy likes to think he can catch the seagulls so went for a swim, his efforts were in vain as they hover above him tormenting.

Henry and his Dad

Well my blog is going to feature a lot of Henry, he is going to grow up on this blog I think.
This one I love the picture I took of him with his dad when we were visiting them, Jarrod was dressed in his 'Dress Uniform' for a formal event.