Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Occasional Card

I'm not big on making my own cards but trying to do a lot more by using my Cricut for inspiration.

This one is for my brother's b'day. He is about to retire and has a long held dream of getting a mobile home (RV I think they are called in USA), but is a bit concerned over whether it is the way to go or not, so thought I would them his card along that line and the words inside basically remind him that life is short and you should follow your dreams.

I used the Cricut Cartridge 'Going Place' for the Van and the cases, the cases represent my sister in-law's excess baggage, she is a bit like me and will find it difficult to only take what a van will hold, I used Tim Holtz bits to represent his 'spare parts' for the trip, and have included the key to the door. The Birthday wish is also cut on the Cricut but have so many carts now I can't remember which one I cut it from I'm sorry, could soon find out if anyone wants to know though. Inside the card is another cut from 'Going Places' cartridge which says Happy Trails in a jumbled format.

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Cricut World said...

oh lesley! you should do more cards! I love htis one!!!