Monday, January 10, 2011

What a lovely day!!

Had a phone call from Erin this morning, it was so nice to hear her voice and little Henry in the background, Erin had to say goodbye to Katie as she headed home yesterday and I know how sad she would be feeling, thankfully only 3 months before they come home and hopefully we will see them lots while they are here even though it is always hard when you have relatives and friends to catch up with as well, everyone wants to see you so it is hard to make sure you enjoy everyone's company without losing too much of yourself...i.e. get tooo tired to enjoy coming home. Henry will be 21 months old, not a good age to travel with but I'm sure they will work things out and hopefully have no problems on that horrible long plane trip.

Then I spoke to Katie as she sat waiting in Sydney for the plane to bring her back to Hobart, she had a good trip home despite her advanced pregnancy so that really topped off my day, I'm sure she will sleep long and hard for a couple of days but she has had a wonderful holiay with Erin.

Then I got busy...I hate house work, but isn't it funny how you always feel so satisfied when you have achieved a big job around the home. Bob and I had decided it was time to clean out underneath our stairwell as we had accumulated a number of excess bags...wonder why!! ... hmmmm...maybe because we over shop when we travel and have to buy extra bags all the time...anyway, at least they are going to a good cause, over to the St Vincent De Paul Society tomorrow, for my American friends that is the same as your 'Goodwill' stores. I was very pleased with myself at what I actually threw out, of course I still have kept things that should go, and will do in time, but small steps for a hoarder like I it was a few large steps with lots of trash as a result.

So, I've cooked a nice dinner, updated my blog like I intended (unusual for me hehehe)...and now off to browse some of my favourite scrapping friends blogs..

Erin, Jarrod and Henry came into Seattle to spend the day with us as soon as we arrived and we visited the Space Needle where this pic was taken. Of course the background is courtesy of the centre's computer imaging fortunately because it was a freezing cold and bleak day.

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Diana Joy said...

Hi Leslie. I need to clean out a big closet of ours this much stuff has acuumulated I can't even find a thing. You are right: it's always a hateful job but one we feel so good about when done. Glad Katie made it home safely and it's pretty special that your two girls got to spend that nice time together. Hugs, take care.