Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Been rather busy around our house and yard the past week so not a lot of time online or scrapping. I have produced a couple of things for our Group blog though so I can relax about that, can't say any more at the moment but all will be revealed in about a week and I will then be publishing and talking about my project.

Well Australia Day here today and the weather has really been beautiful, despite that Bob and I have spent a productive day around the house and garden getting things back up to date. After being overseas for nearly 5 weeks it was amazing how quickly things had become over grown in the garden and how many household tasks needed doing after having a wall taken out while we were away, this meant changing some of the furniture which has been fun and given our home a lovely refreshing feel about it.

Tomorrow is definitely a scrapping day, until Katie arrives that is, she is coming up to spend the night with us which will be lovely. Counting the weeks now of course until her baby is born, it will be so nice to have a grandchild here in Australia, but of course it won't limit us from visiting our sweet little Henry in America as often as we can so he grows up knowing us.

As I haven't got a layout to publish I think I will just give you a look at Henry and the cat which they were cat sitting for Xmas week...trying to out fox each other with the stairwell....the cat won hehehe..

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Diana Joy said...

Hi Leslie. Cute photo of Henry and the cat. I'm anxious to see what you've been creating.