Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Had a busy couple of days in the kitchen...not my favourite place, not that I'm a bad cook, just hate the cleaning up and the time it takes to prepare things when it could be spent scrapping ah!!!

Blanching vegetables from Bob's garden yesterday for a few hours, it was nice coming home to our own vegetable's after our trip to America. Also had to cook up a couple of Mutton Birds for Bob yesterday which he had for dinner tonight...boy are they fatty birds, can't explain how much oil is in the pan when you finish, I have to boil the kettle so the water is hot enough to ensure the pan is fully free of it and the smell it leaves behind, he loves them though.

Then today, rabbits, soaked them overnight then fried them to brown them up a bit this morning before I left for the hairdresser's. Then home to put them in the slow cooker, made the sauce and all the vegies to go in it and now I'm sitting up waiting for it to finish cooking as I don't have a timer on my cooker...why didn't I think of that when I bought it? down in Hobart all day tomorrow for doctor appointments so at least dinner is already cooked ready for when we get home.

Watching the TV stories on the devastating floods in Northern Australia, really hard to comprehend just how bad they are, and so many people loosing their lives, and Brisbane our countries third largest city has been inundated with water, amazing conditions, scary to say the least.

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