Monday, January 10, 2011

Another trip to America come and gone

Well this latest trip seemed like the longest we'd ever done. We had 4 days in Seattle in a Hotel which was great, it allowed us time to go on the Underground Tour, seeing in a small way the way Seattle was 100 years ago, I loved it, full of history and interest. Also did the 'Duck' Tour part on road and mostly on the Harbour. What a great way to see Seattle from a totally different viewpoint, something else I would thoroughly recommend.

We had a trip on Amtrak down to Portland Oregon with the intention of seeing and feeling just a little of my Ancestry. Unfortunately without driving it was impossible to get to see the town which was actually laid out by my g-g-uncle in mid 1800's. It was still nice to just be in the area which they arrived in by covered wagon via the 'Oregon Trail' all that time ago. The Coastal area of Oregon is absolutely stunning and we really loved the scenery and I found a new 'I want to live here' place...right on the beach at 'Cannon's Beach' simply stunning.

Then back up on the train to Seattle where Erin picked us up and we got to spend Christmas with her family and also our youngest daughter Katie and her husband who arrived on the 22nd, it was wonderful to be able to do this as we don't know when we will have a Xmas all together again.

Henry of course had changed and is a healthy, cheeky and gorgeous little grandson whom we both adore and love dearly. The only problem with these trips is they just make me realise how much I miss my daughter, each departure to come home hurts more and it broke my heart to leave her this time...not sure why but it really upset me, hope this isn't a 'sign' of the year to come...why did she have to move to the other side of the world is something that is constantly in my mind now.....of course I know, she followed her heart...but!!!!!! she is so missed here.

Again poor old blog has been neglected and another determination rolling around in my mind to make sure I keep it up to date more in the future. I now have unloaded a few of my online responsibilities which in turn cuts back on my computer time therefore freeing up more time for doing more of what I really love and that is 'scrapbooking'.


Diana Joy said...

Hi Leslie...nice to see a post from you. I'm glad we got together while you were in Seattle. Hugs.

slywalker said...

Oh how nice to have you visit my blog Di, it was lovely to get together yet again and next time we'll have to do lunch and definitely a scrapping hour or two somewhere for sure.

Yes, i'm taking a leaf out of your book and concentrating on my blog a little more now, I hope I can be as diligent with it as you are with yours.