Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hello again Blog…..retired - yet not enough time in the day!!

That's what they say and it's so true I keep meaning and wanting to keep this blog up to date but get so busy with either scrapping or sewing or back and forth on the windy road to Hobart, that I neglect my blog.

Well, here we go again, now all my scrapping friends are on Facebook it is easier to put my pages on here rather than on where all my old ones are, and its easier for my daughter in America to view them on here seeing as my grandchildren are 90% of my scrapping topics.

Layouts will be different as I try to incorporate various techniques learnt from doing classes Interstate with International teachers plus local teachers in Adelaide who I think are as good as any from overseas, so although my favourite style will still be Shabby Chic, there will be some where I'm experimenting with mixed media and trying my patience in adapting to a style that doesn't come naturally to me.

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