Sunday, October 3, 2010 name my Scrap Room

Yes...I want something original, short enough to be able to create a sign for my door, any suggestions appreciated....I will send a little treat to anyone that picks one that I like....remember, for those who know me...that I love pretty!! got to have a name I can use flowers, ribbon and bling with.

Hopefully I'll see some names popping up in my comments section of this post this week.


scrappygal said...

I am not good with coming up with stuff. This is what I came up with. Lesley's Creative Haven.

Gigikay said...

Lesley's Luxurious Lair..

lilmrmaid/Yvonne said...

How about Scrapbooking My Memories or Lesley's Memories or Creating Memories??

slywalker said...

Tks girls, liking all of those and even combined a couple of words and coming up with something...would never have thought of a couple of those....keep them coming....this is going to come up with something good I know.

Chelsea said...

How about Memories that Flourish.

TJCraftyWitch said...

How about "Lesley's Scrappin Hideaway"

Heather Landry said...

The Scrappy Cave? Kinda like a take on where they call TV rooms "a man cave" here in the USA.

Creativity Central?

I dunno! I suck at naming things. LOL

darlawelch said...

Lesley's Memory Garden?

Yvette said...

Fleur de Lesley

slywalker said...

Hey Chelsea so great to hear from you and tks heaps for the name, going to go check your blog, are you still scrapping? you'll have to come up and have a look.

Tks everyone else for those ideas, sure is going to be a hideaway thats for sure, I just can't wait.

girlxdoor said...

Scrappin oasis.
Memory maker.
The memory box.
Memory treasure chest.
Treasure chest.
Lesley's treasure chest.
Walkers whimseys

Just a couple ideas from Lenae

Diana Joy said...

Hi Leslie. I'm not good at naming 'things'. My room should be called: Room with a mess.

Room with a View

Heritage Central

Haven of Memories

Trip down Memory Lane

Forever Lesley's

I quit. Will be fun to see all the names submitted and maybe a poll on

Marlene Murphy said...

I'm not hopping with ideas but how about Lesleporium.

TJCraftyWitch said...

Lesley's Flourishing Haven

Lesley's Scrapzone

Lesley's Preserved Memories

slywalker said...

Wow, I wasn't home all day yesterday so didn't have a chance to pop online. Got such a lovely surprise to see all the suggestions, you are all making this so hard and also a lot of fun.

Marlene, Lesleporium know me too well, love it.

Thanks so much everyone, enter as many times as you like.