Friday, April 24, 2009

Crop Day

Well big day tomorrow, up in time to attend the 'Dawn Service' for ANZAC Day in the morning, we have to be at the service by 6am. in the next town from ours. For those that don't know ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Armed Corps. It is the same as the American 'Memorial Day' and commemorates and remembers all the men and women who have fought for our country.

A very moving day which I have attended my whole life, firstly with my mother when my father used to march in the parade, and since marrying, with my husband who served in Vietnam.

There is breakfast after it with a 'hot toddy', and another march at 11am which we won't be attending this year.

So I will be going to a Crop day all day and into the night, it's long but really good fun with lovely ladies, the only thing is I am finding it really difficult to attend crop days now because of the build up of tools I have and use in most layouts. Most of these just can't be carted around, they are either too heavy , or too precious like my Cricut.

Well need to go prepare everything ready for the morning.

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Leesa said...

Lesley, that sounds like such a great weekend you have planned! I can totally understand what you mean about not wanting to tote around your large and heavy tools, especially your Cricut. I hope you have an awesome time and I cannot wait to see the layouts you create at your crop! Oh, I was just thinking something... what if you sort of "pre-plan" your pages and do the cuts on your Cricut before you go for your layouts? Do you think that would work?