Wednesday, April 24, 2013


My dear granddaughter Sofia, her mum says she's feisty, I call her Sassy, so sweet and photogenic I find it hard not to scrap every photo I see of her, of course that isn't possible as I have two grandsons to scrap as well.  Sofia has some amazing 'faces' for someone so young only 18 months old but think big brother helps to to be a lot older than that in real life.

I used Webster's paper and embellishments on this as well as a few different Spellbinder die cuts, resin flower's and heart are from a teacher at Seriously Scrapbooking in Adelaide where I recently went with a friend to do scrap classes....well, here she is!!

Unfortunately my camera isn't a good one and fails to show the true colour when photographing layouts, the colour of this page is really quite pink.  Also the lovely Spellbinder die cuts at top and bottom of middle photo and underneath the black and white scrolls, do not show out unless you look really hard, definitely going to try to get a better picture of this one, camera permitting..

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