Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cricut cuts with a difference

Well something different and thinking outside the square when using the Cricut.
Katie wanted the quilt for her new born I was making, to have a jungle theme with the colours that made it look 'jungle like' not pretty with silly coloured animals, so therefore the colours were dictated by that.

I immediately thought of my 'Animal World' cartridge but had never cut fabric on the Cricut before, it did present with a problem because I wasn't confident cutting out the animals with the visoflex (sticky stuff), on the back of it. So I changed my applique method, cut them bigger and allowed a 'tuck under' seam allowance so I rolled the edges under as I did the blanket stitching.

I used a different cartridge for the crocodile but I'm darned if I can remember which cart it was from but it was a few weeks ago that I cut them out and have too many carts to search through at this point, but I will do and update this post later.

Well I'll put the animal pics up and the full quilt and hopefully it will help some of you to have the courage to do something different.

Sorry for the long list but I wanted all the pics on my blog to remember it as I'll now delete the pics from the thousands that I seem to pile up on my computer.


Nati Tristan said...

That's such a darling quilt!

alwayscharlie said...

This is so adorable! What a wonderful idea!

slywalker said...