Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back from USA

Well my blog has been rather quite for a while....again...yes, been to the USA again to visit our daughter and her family, lots of wonderful photos taken just have to find the time to scrap them now and that has been proving difficult as its getting to that time of year...spring cleaning....sound like fun..NO, but has to be done.  About the only place that probably won't get done is my scrap room because every time I tidy it I can't find anything!!

We did a rather indirect route home from the USA and visited Thailand, a place I never wanted to go to but it just happened!! I came home really happy that we'd made the effort and thoroughly enjoyed finding out about all the history and culture, it certainly has an interesting background...not to mention some very good tailors.

Now, its back to scrapping, I've actually finished 3 of the 4 articles that I did when in Perth, Western Australia at classes run by Trisha Green-Ladouceur, who was awesome, but still have 1 to go and only a few very basic instructions for it, so may just have to wing that one and see how it turns out.  Have decided I am very anti classes where things do not get finished during them, it is so frustrating when you don't have photos of each of the completed pages as a guide to finish something off, not to mention time wasting, so all future classes will have to have a 'complete in class' tag attached to them before I take them on.

Well I did get a layout started today, well, did a bit of fussy cutting and threw some Gesso on, used a stencil, now left it to dry, really don't know where I'm going from there but am off now to scout around some of my favourite blogs for inspiration.

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Heather Landry said...

When I taught classes, I always included photos of the finished projects on my handouts. I hope you're able to get them finished!