Friday, June 29, 2012

Lets go Camping

This is a project I did for Pam Callaghan's blog  pop over to her blog and check out all her great designs, templates and other items from contributing artists.

Henry's early years have many camping memories already and although due to a posting to the other side of the country they have decided to sell their caravan, I'm sure they will have another in the future to continue exploring the great outdoors and increasing Henry's memories.  I have done the best I can to capture some of the memories of a couple of their trips, one to the Pacific North West (WA) and the other to Oregon.

I decided instead of doing numerous pages I would do a layout with a mini book on it.  This mini book although only being basically made of 2 folded sheets, contains many turn over pages, tabs and pockets so it will be an interactive and interesting item for Henry as he grows up.

For the cover of the mini book I used an old favourite stamp of mine and embossed it with fine detail black embossing powder, dried with a heat gun.  Then coloured in around it using Pan Pastels and finished with a fixative.

The book is just to pieces of cardstock 5" deep by 11" long, folded in the middle and 2 holes punch and thread through with twine.  I adhered the back of it to the layout with Terrifically tacky tape as it needs to be strong because of possible future use.

The pictures below show the various pages where you may be able to see the tags and pockets and journaling spots.

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Sharon Fritchey said...

I love this idea! Your page is so much fun, and the little book give so many options for photos! Just awesome!