Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What a crazy couple of weeks!!

Well I feel right now like saying stop the world I wanna hop off for a bit, I have crammed so much into the last 2 weeks and am now realising that I have a bad habit of taking on too much.  Firstly a jam packed scrapbooking trip to Perth in Western Australia, 4 hrs flying time and a 2 hr time difference, then 2 full days of scrapp classes, 6 in total, starting at around 9am and finishing around 11pm both days, then of course there was the scrappy shopping and the must do clothes came home really fulfilled and happy with what we'd done, but also very tired.

The crunch was....I only had 2 days at home to unpack, wash, re pack, mind my gorgeous grandson for a day and leave home at 3.50am the following day to head back to mainland Australia to the State of New South Wales with my hubby to attend a 'bird show'...yes, he breeds finches.  My sister and brother in-law came up to stay a weekend with us as they don't live far away from where we were, we did the wine show, visited some wineries and yes...shopped...well until hubby said enough!!

Then it was back home to get my DT layout done and another for my role as 'Contributing Artist' on another blog.  Just finished and finally have time to breath...well for 30 mins when I have to hop on the treadmill before cooking dinner...lifes just too busy sometimes, but, only as busy as we allow it to be I guess.

I'm now going to go post the layout which was my 1st for the Miracle Momma Designs DT as its the first chance I've had to be able to post it...

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