Monday, March 1, 2010

End of Summer aarghh!!

Well the time we all dread has arrived today, end of summer, cooler mornings and nights already, darker sooner. But, shouldn't complain as we have had a wonderful summer and the warmest I can remember for some years.

Blog has been neglected a bit of late for many reasons, but hopefully now it will get some priority so I can get it back on track.

Our dear Grandson Henry has grown and changed so much since we last saw him last November, he is sitting up now, saying mum (his first word), and has 6 teeth with 3 coming through in the last week, amazing, and of course this has meant little sleep for his mum and dad.

Personally I've been playing around with digi scrapping, took a while to grasp the 'layers' thing but feel comfortable with that now so am stretching out into other areas. Don't think I would ever fully become a 'digi scrapper' because I love playing with the paper too much, but, definitely think I will use it to make smaller books for gifts etc as it is so quick. However, as a result of this and keeping up to date with my online friends and their galleries, I have had little time to actually scrap, done a few since the last ones posted on here so will put a couple up 'of Henry of course'. Will never be able to keep up with scrapping all the fabulous pics his mum and dad keep me updated with, without these I think I'd go crazy because it is so hard living so far from him. Less than 2 weeks and they will be home in Australia for our youngest daughters a lovely wedding to look forward to and the arrival of Henry, Erin and Jarrod.

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